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Given that most reservoirs are public works projects, protecting and/ or restoring aquatic habitats has long been the responsibility of governmental agencies. Government programs, particularly federal grants, have been cut in recent years. Given the current economic and political climate, we can anticipate fewer governmental funds to be available for natural resource programs. However, the need for habitat restoration work is at an all-time high.

Most reservoirs were built in the 1950's through the 1970's. The natural aging process has depleted woody structure in these systems and poor land-management practices have resulted in excessive siltation and nutrient loading in these systems. The Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership and Friends of Reservoirs were established to increase public awareness of aquatic habitat issues, to mobilize private citizens to take active roles in restoration efforts, and to assist in raising funds for restoration work. As an aquatic resource user, either for recreation or simply as a user of public water supplies, you can play a role in this effort.

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